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Pain management lectures and videos for CME credits in the form of tutorials, interviews and more featuring keyword topics such as abdominal pain, facial pain, neuropathic pain, complex regional pain syndrome osteoarthritis and more. The video series is only available to CME members.

Ultrasound Interventional Pain Management MSK Course for ED Physicians
Special attention is paid to performing safe and targeted interventional pain procedures in the ED to safely discharge Emergency Room Patients to facilitate discharge and lower the risk of uneccesary hospital admission and possibility of contracting COVID.

David Rosenblum, MD, Director of Pain Management at Maimonides Medical Center and creator of PainExam Board Review and Podcast, WAPMU instructor and ASIPP partner, has developed a course that focuses on using the ultrasound to perform soft tissue, periperal nerve and spine interventions.

Unit 1

Upper extremity (Brachial Plexus, Axillary, Suprascapular, Radial, Ulna, Median)

Unit 2

Lower Extremity (Femoral, Sciatic, Popliteal, Genicular, IPACK, Ankle)

Unit 3

Soft Tissue and Joint (Knee & Shoulder)

Unit 4

Peripheral Nerve Block (Occipital, TAP, Ilioinguinal, Intercostal Paravertebral)

Unit 5

Spine (Sacroiliac, Caudal, Cervical Selective Nerve Root, Medial Branch)

Ultrasound Interventional Pain Management MSK Course for ED PhysiciansSpecial attention is paid to ...

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